5.5 Inch Stainless Steel Fillet Knife With Plastic Sheath



Itme No.: HK-010

Product description
Total lenght: 26.5cm
Blade size: 5.5inch
Material: Stainless steel
Handle material: PP plastic
Sheath material: PP palstic
Weight: 89g
Packing: PP bag

Flexible Blade: Fillet knives are designed with a flexible blade that allows you to easily maneuver around bones and other obstacles when filleting fish. This flexibility also allows the knife to follow the contours of the fish, resulting in clean, precise cuts.

Sharpness: A good fillet knife should be extremely sharp, allowing you to effortlessly cut through fish flesh and remove bones. This sharpness also helps to minimize the amount of meat that is wasted during the filleting process.

Handle Design: Fillet knives typically have a handle that is designed for a comfortable and secure grip. Handle is made from PP plastic which can provide extra grip and help prevent slipping.

Durability: Fillet knives are often made from high-quality materials, such as 3cr14 stainless steel, that are designed to withstand frequent use and abuse. This makes them a reliable tool for any angler, whether you’re a professional fisherman or a casual weekend angler.



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